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Stars and the Solar System

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Explain the successes which India has achieved in the field of space Technology.

India has been successful in improving the capability of its rockets. India quickly made its own space launch vehicle- (SLV ) which was capable of carrying Indian satellites into space. The first launch of SLV was unsuccessful but after learning from this, scientists were able to successfully send the satellite Rohini into space. 
Indian satellites are helping in transmission of signals for radio, telephone, internet, television, telemedicine, distant education, etc.

 India has also been successful in developing Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) which is a powerful rocket. This vehicle can install a satellite to orbit the poles of the earth. A PSLV is highly reliable and hence majority of countries want to use this for launching their spaceships. Indian PSLV is highly cost effective and hence is an attractive option for other countries. India has also developed its Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) which is utilized to send geosynchronous satellites. India has also sent a successful mission to the moon, named Chandrayan. India was acclaimed around the world when its scientists tasted success in sending a spaceship to the orbit of Mars. This was named as Mangalyan. It was adjudged as the best invention of because India could send a mission to mars at roughly one tenth of the cost at which other countries have been working.
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