Let f_1: RrarrR ,\ \ f_2:(-pi/2,pi/2)->R\ \ f_3:(-1,\ e^(pi/2)-2)r | Filo
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Continuity and Differentiability

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Let and be functions defined by\displaystyle{{f}_{{1}}{\left({x}\right)}}={\sin{{\left(\sqrt{{{1}-{e}^{{-{{x}}}}^{2}}}\right)}}},(ii) where the inverse trigonometric function assumes values in ,(iii) , where, for , denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to ,(iv) .LIST-I LIST-IIP. The function is 1. NOT continuous at Q. The function is 2. continuous at and NOTR. The function is differentiable at S. The function is 3. differentiable at and itsis NOT continuous at 4. differentiable at and itsderivative is continuous at The correct option is(b) (c) (d)

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