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In a certain language  means 'where are you' ,  means ' we are here' , and  means ' you come here' What is the code for ' Where' ?

  1. +
  2. ?
  3. @
Correct Answer: Option(c)
Solution:                        code                                                 sentence 
1.                                                                     Where are you
2.                                                                    We are here
3.                                                                      you come here

As we can see that where is only in sentence [Where is the word for which we have to find the code ] Therefore we need to gather the codes for & to find out the code for where sentence 1 & 2 have the word in common and the symbol   in common Therefore  is the symbol for  
Sentence 1 & 3 have the word you in common and the symbol + in common therefore + stands for  

thus, leaving only ?, which stands for
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