If \begin{bmatrix}4\\ 1 \\3 \end{bmatrix} A = \begin{bmatrix}-1 & | Filo
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If  A =  Find A 

Solution: We have XA = 33 matrix where X is 31. Now XA is conformable for multiplication if the number of columns in pre - factor is equal to the number of rows in the post factor . Keeping in view that the product is  33 matrix , we must have matrix A of 13 type i.e., A has one row and 3 columns i.e., A is row matrix 
Let A = [p.q.r] say of 13 type 
Now  [p q r] = 
Clearly p = -1, q = 2 and r = 1 satisfy above 
Hence matrix A = (-1 2 1)
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