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Choose the correct answer

  1. Every scalar matrix is an identity matrix
  2. Every identity matrix is a scalar matrix
  3. Every diagonal matrix is an identity matrix
  4. A square matrix whose each element is is an identity matrix
Correct Answer: Option(b)
Option A: In a scalar matrix all diagonal elements should be equal but may or may not be equal to only.
Therefore Every scalar matrix is not a identity matrix.
Option A-Incorrect
Option B : In a identity matrix all elements in principal diagonal are equal (equal to ) which is a form of scalar matrix.
Therefore identity matrices are scalar.
Option B-incorrect
Option C: In a diagonal matrix, the diagonal elements are non zero (but may not be ) and rest all are zeroes.
Hence every diagonal matrix may not be identity matrix.
Option D: In a identity matrix only diagonal elements are and the rest are zeroes.
Option D- incorrect
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