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Sequences and Series

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Assertion :STATEMENT -1 : If are the sides of a triangle such that , then
Reason :STATEMENT-2 : For positive numbers their A.M., G.M. and H.M. satisfy the relation

  1. Statement -1 is True, Statement -2 is True ; Statement -2 is a correct explanation for Statement -1
  2. Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is True ; Statement-2 is NOT a correct explanation for Statement-1
  3. Statement -1 is True, Statement -2 is False
  4. Statement -1 is False, Statement -2 is True
Correct Answer: Option(d)
Solution:   i.e.            i.e.  
Similarly, and

We know that for positive numbers A.M G.M, then

Now, multiplying both sides by , we get

statement-1 is false      statement-2 is true
Hence, option 'D' is correct.
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