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A line of slope 2 passes through the point A(1,3).
a) Check whether B(3,7) is a point on this line.
b) Write down the equation of this line.
c) Find the coordinates of a point C on the line such that BC = 2AB.

Solution: Slope of the line is 2 and passes through A(1, 3)

(a) For point B(3, 7)
2(3) + 1 = 7
Hence the point B(3, 7)lies on the line y = 2x + 1

(b) Equation of the line is y = 2x+1.

(c) Let be the coordinates of point C on line.
Therefore it satisfies the equation of line a

Squaring both sides, we get



The coordinates of point C are or .
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