The solution set of (5+4cosθ)(2cosθ+1)=0in the interval [0,2π] is  | Filo
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Trigonometric Functions

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The solution set of (5+4cosθ)(2cosθ+1)=0in the interval [0,2π] is  [EAMCET 2003]

  1. {π3,2π3}
  2. {π3,π}
  3. {2π3,4π3}
  4. {2π3,5π3}
Correct Answer: Option(c)
Solution: (5+4cosθ)(2cosθ+1)=0 cosθ=−5/4, which is not possible. ∴2cosθ+1=0 or cosθ=−1/2 Þ θ=2π3,4π3. Solution set is{2π3,4π3}∈[0,2π].
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