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The length of leaves of a plant are measured correct to one millimetre, and the obtained data is represented in the following table:
(i) Draw a histogram to represent the given data. [Hint: First make the class intervals continuous]
(ii) Is there any other suitable graphical representation for the same data?
(iii) Is it correct to conclude that the maximum number of leaves are long? Why?


(in mm)
 New length
(in mm)
No. of leaves 
 118 - 126117.5 - 126.5 
127 - 135 126.5 - 135.5 
136 - 144 135.5 - 144.5 
145 - 153 144.5 - 153.5 12 
154 - 162 153.5 - 162.5 
163 - 171 162.5 - 171.5 
172 - 180 171.5 - 180.5 

In order to make a histogram, we need to convert discontinuous classes to continuous classes.
Adjustment = \dfrac 12 (\mbox {lower limit of class - upper limit of previous class)}

So, needs to be subtracted from upper limit of previous class and lower limit of next class.

(ii) Frequency polygon
(iii) No. It is a range. The maximum number of leaves lies in between . Not necessary that it all occurs as length.
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