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Case study 2The key drives of the growth in retail consumption in India are basically\displaystyle{\left({i}\right)}{C}{l}{o}{t}{h}{e}{s},{T}{e}{x}{t}{i}\le&{F}{a}{s}{h}{i}{o}{n}{A}{\mathcal{{e}}}{s}{s}{\quad\text{or}\quad}{i}{e}{s}(ii) Food, Grocery & General MerchandiseName of holding company Prime BannersK Raheja Group Shoppers stop, Crossword, Inorbit, Hyper cityRPG Group Spencer's, Books and Beyond, Music worldParimal Group Piramyd Megastore, Piramyd Supermarket, JaminAV Birla Group More(a) Hyper markets(c) Supermarkets(e) Department Stores(g) Neighborhood storesOrganized retailing in India has been largely explored in urban or in metro cities. It's largely successful in NCR and Mumbai Region and major parts of southern portion of India. The entry of Malls, the largest form of organized retailing, which are located mainly in metro cities, in proximity to urban outskirts turned out to be a catalyst for organized retailing.Q.2      Give three features of this type of organization.

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