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Case study 2`The retail sector of Indian economy is categorized into two segments such as organized retail sector and unorganized retail sector. The latter holds larger share of the retail market.`The key drives of the growth in retail consumption in India are basically`(i) Clothes, Textile & Fashion Accessories`(ii) Food, Grocery & General Merchandise`The top 10 companies which have the most shares in organized retail market of India are:`Prime Banners  `Pantaloons, Central, Brand Factory, Ezone, Home town, Planet sports, Bigbazar, Foodbazar, KB's Fair Price Shop  `Shoppers stop, Crossword, Inorbit, Hyper city  `Croma, Landmark, Poltrona Frau Group Design Center, Star Bazaar, Tashi, Westside  `Spencer's, Books and Beyond, Music world  `Centre point, Baby shop, Splash, Shoe Mart, Lifestyle, Beauty bay, Iconic, Q Home Decor, Candelite, Max, Shoexpress, Emax, Lifestyle Department Stores, SPAR hypermarkets, Landmark International, Footwear Division  `Piramyd Megastore, Piramyd Supermarket, Jamin  `Reliance Fresh, Reliance Trends, Reliance Foot Print, Reliance Digital  `More  `   `Organized retail that has arrived in different formats as follows;`(a) Hyper markets`(b) Cash and Carry`(c) Supermarkets`(d) Discount Stores`(e) Department Stores`(f) Convenience Stores`(g) Neighborhood stores`(h) MBO (Multi-Brand Outlets)`Organized retailing in India has been largely explored in urban or in metro cities. It's largely successful in NCR and Mumbai Region and major parts of southern portion of India. The entry of Malls, the largest form of organized retailing, which are located mainly in metro cities, in proximity to urban outskirts turned out to be a catalyst for organized retailing.`Source:    `Q.1      Which type of large scale retail trade reliance fresh is engaged in?

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