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Plant Physiology

Anatomy of Flowering Plants

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Interfascicular cambium develops from the cells of

  1. medullary rays
  2. xylem parenchyma
  3. endodermis
  4. pericycle
Correct Answer: Option(a)
Solution: In dicot stems , the cells of cambium present between primary xylem and primary phloem is the intrafascicular cambium . The cells of medullary rays , adjoining these intrafascicular cambium become meristematic and from the interfascicular cambium.
Xylem parenchyma are living and thin - walled and their cell walls are made up of cellulose . In dicot roots the innermost layer of the cortex is called endodermis . Next to endodermis lies a few layers of thick walled parenchymatous cells called as pericycle.
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