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Cell: Structure and Functions

Cell Cycle and Cell Division

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 Congression occurs during 

  1. Early prophase
  2. Late prophase
  3. Early metaphase
  4. Late metaphase
Correct Answer: Option(c)
A. In early prophase, chromatin fibres thicken and shorten and form long chromosomes. Also, sister chromatids are intertwined.
B. In the late prophase, chromosomes are randomly distributed in cytoplasm of the cell.
C. In the early metaphase, contraction of chromosomal spindle fibres takes place. Hence chromosomes come together over the equator of the spindle to form the metaphase plate. This is called congression. 
D. In the late metaphase, the formation of the equatorial plate or the metaphasic plate takes place.
So, the correct answer is 'Early metaphase'.
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