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The equilibrium constant \displaystyle{K}_{{{P}_{}}}

  1. ) and K_(P_
  2. )X hArr 2Y and Z hArr P + Q1 : 9\displaystyle.{I}{f}{t}{h}{e}{d}{e}{g}{r}{e}{e}{o}{f}{d}{i}{s}{s}{o}{c}{i}{a}{t}{i}{o}{n}{o}{f}{X}{\quad\text{and}\quad}{Z}{b}{e}{e}{q}{u}{a}{l}{t}{h}{e}{n}{t}{h}{e}{r}{a}{t}{i}{o}{o}{f}\to{t}{a}{l}{p}{r}{e}{s}{s}{u}{r}{e}{a}{t}{t}{h}{e}{s}{e}{e}{q}{u}{i}{l}{i}{b}{r}{i}{a}{i}{s}
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